Our program includes a robust offering of keynote speeches, networking opportunities, and engaging breakout sessions on topics including teaching and learning, school leadership, policy and law, operations, charter school board governance, community/family engagement and advocacy and communications.

We will be publishing our official session schedule with more details soon, but here is a preview of some of the breakout sessions we are offering this year:

  • Learner Driven Models - Educating the Next Generation of Innovators
  • Ins and Outs: Parent Advocacy 101
  • Supporting Charter Leaders and Teachers of Color
  • Mentoring and Building Relationships with Students and Families
  • Using a Racial Equity Tool to Eliminate Systemic Racism
  • Emotional Intelligence: From Theory to Practice
  • Washington's Founding Charter Leaders
  • District-Charter Partnerships
  • Rigorous Teaching
  • Best Practices in Funder Relations
  • Navigating a Shifting School Funding Landscape
  • Envisioning PD for Linguistically Responsive Classroom
  • Got Inquiry? A process for determining instructional practice goals
  • Academic Performance Framework Update - Technical Understanding
  • McCleary Forecast: Where We're Headed
  • Hot Button Issues: Student Discipline and Disproportionality
  • How Public-Private-Nonprofit Partnerships Can Improve SpEd Services for All